Collective activities in the time of corona

Collective activities in the time of corona

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In these difficult circumstances that are sweeping the world through the Corona epidemic, we hear every moment about the abolition of the daily programs and customs of citizens, especially those that attract gatherings and in all fields such as education, transportation, forums, entertainment ...
In this context, most societies canceled their activities indefinitely until the picture became clear and the epidemic was removed, but should all activities organized by associations and clubs really stop? In fact, there are many activities that can be organized remotely and do not require the gathering of participants, and here we will take some examples:

1. Awareness-raising and awareness-raising campaigns: Associations can contribute to awareness and sensitization of citizens and many segments of society through social networking sites that contain a huge number of callers more even than those in the street
2. Competitions: Many cultural and artistic competitions do not require the attendance of the participants, so it is sufficient to attend the owners ’homes and send via e-mail to their organizers to evaluate them and announce their results.
3. Meetings of offices and committees: Always online, members of offices can meet in a closed forum or group and consult with each other to follow up on their tasks as usual, but it is a better opportunity to use them to review the progress and development of the association or club in recent months and develop plans to improve the work more .
4. Training: lessons and exercises can be published and distributed to members or interested parties, to request summaries and to answer inquiries remotely without having to meet


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