Launch of the Ouraction Participation Flyers under the slogan: Collect them !!

Launch of the Ouraction Participation Flyers under the slogan: Collect them !!

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Within the framework of the support of associative work and the voluntary activities, launches a new and stimulating initiative under the name of Ouraction Participation. It is a promotional flyer for the activity  with new features, the most important being that one of its sides is a participation certificate. Making it a valuable paper that would not be thrown away and everyone wants to get it and keep it, and therefore, we  allocated a portfolio to store and collect them under the slogan "Collect them!!" as a CV for a volunteer .

It can also become a hobby for some like the hobby of collecting banknotes and stamps.

The participation in Ouraction Participation is divided into several types:

•          Spectator


•          Organizer

•          Guest of honor

•          another type...

The paper also contains a link to the activity on the Ouraction website so that everybody  can see its details.

There is also a space where the participant can express his feelings and experience during the activity, then,  put them all in the dedicated portfolio. so it can also be considered as a personal resume of the volunteer.


How can an association get the Ouraction Participation flyer?

In order to maintain the quality and reliability of our Ouraction Participation flyers, the design and printing process is entrusted to the Ouraction ambassadors whose list of addresses will be published before the end of October 2018. Each association that wishes to obtain this document will contact an Ouraction ambassador to provide the necessary information for its design and it will be provided within 72 hours from the time of application.


Another important point, is that since Ouraction Participation has turned the activity promotion flyer into a document that everyone wants to collect . team has launched a parallel initiative; 200 copies of the flyers and financial support of the activity will be provided by some private sector organizations, under some conditions ,the most important being that  that the association publishes at least 3 activities reports every month on the Ouraction website in addition to being selected by the suppliers.


Wait for more on the initiative in the next few days ...


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